• 'Micha' Tsumura, Maido's chef.


Created By Mitsuharu 'Micha' Tsumura

Prep. Time:  
1 hour 30 minutes (+12 hours marinating)

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 Serves: 4
  • 1 Portion of marinated cod
  • 5 gr Sweet Brazil nuts
  • 2 gr “Porcón” powdered mushrooms
  • 12 gr Apple gel
  • Squid ink mayonnaise

For the marinated cod:

  • 600 gr Clean codfish (10 portions of 60 gr)
  • 150 gr misoyaki sauce

For the misoyaki sauce:

  • 100 gr Shiro miso
  • 30 ml Mirin
  • 20 ml Sake
  • 10 ml Dashi
  • 20 gr White sugar

For the sweet Brazil nuts:

  • 200 gr Brazil nuts
  • 300 ml simple syrup
  • Vegetal oil

Fort the apple gel:

  • 3 Green apples
  • 10 gr “Ultra-sperse”
  • 1 Japanese cucumber

Nuts and dried fruits used

    Brazil Nut


For the marinated codfish: Marinate the codfish in the misoyaki sauce at least for 12 hours. Set aside and store vacuum-packed. Refrigerate.

Fot the misoyaki sauce: Place sake, mirin, dashi and sugar in a bowl, stir until sugar is dissolved. Then add the shiromiso and dissolve. Refrigerate.

For the sweet Brazil nuts: Blanch the Brazil nuts in a pot with water and then slice them with the help of a mandolin. Heat the syrup and dip the Brazil nuts in it. Fry them in hot oil and set aside in a dry place.

For the apple gel: Process the Japanese cucumber and the green apples, strain and mix the resulting liquid with the ultra-sperse until a thick gel is formed. Set aside.

Preparation and Serving:

1) Skewer the marinated cod (using 2 metal skewers) along the fillet.

2) Once skewered, bring to the grill and cook for about 6 minutes. Ensure that its cooked evenly, has obtained a golden color and is toasted.

3) Remove the skewers very carefully, arrange the Brazil nuts on the cod to resemble scales.

4) On a hot plate, sprinkle the “Porcón” mushroom powder and place the cod on it. Add 3 apple gel bubbles and a spot of squid ink mayonnaise on each bubble.

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